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IRAAL Postgraduate Students Special Interest Group

The IRAAL Postgraduate Students Special Interest Group (PG-SIG) provides a forum for all postgraduate students in Irish universities and other parts of the world to contribute to research and discourse related to applied linguistics. The key aims of the PG-SIG are: 

  • to create a common platform for all postgraduate students to network and to provide them with opportunities to discuss and debate issues around applied linguistics;  
  • to inform postgraduate students of the current issues and concerns in applied linguistics and to help them share their work in a wider network by organising academic events such as conferences, workshops, round tables, symposia, webinars and so on. 
  • to give visibility to postgraduate students’ contributions through the IRAAL’s newsletter, the PG-SIG’s blog, social media, and other possible means; and 
  • to inform postgraduate students about academic events and other opportunities around the world. 
To get in contact with the PG-SIG group, please write to
To set up a SIG, please read IRAAL SIGs_regulations

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