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1. The title of the organisation is the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics — Cumann na Teangeolaíochta Feidhmí in Éirinn.
IRAAL is an affiliate member of AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée or International Association of Applied Linguistics) and shares its mission and aims.
The Irish Association for Applied Linguistics is a non-political non-profit making organisation. It shall not participate in any political or commercial activity; it, however, seeks to engage with, and advocate for public policy processes and actions on the basis of theoretical principles and its own research agenda. 


2. The overall aim of IRAAL, and AILA, is to promote the application of Applied Linguistic, Linguistic and related theories and methodological frameworks to understand and address language issues and problems in society.
3. It promotes and endorses activities, research, and policies that support the attainment of a multilingual society and plurilingual individuals.
4. It promotes information exchange on research and development in the field of Applied Linguistics and related fields (linguistics, education, sociology and others) and supports the co-ordination of such activities among its members.
5. It supports the creation of special interest groups (SIGs) in branches of Applied Linguistics and related fields especially in the teaching of second and foreign languages at all educational levels and in different settings.
6. It disseminates scientific information through a variety of outputs: a scholarly journal, book series; by organising conferences and seminars, and by supporting SIGs.
7. It seeks to actively collaborate with other organisations with related objectives and goals.
8. It seeks to encourage and support active participation from different sectors and regions in the country.


9. The Administrative year of the Association is the calendar year.
10. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The Officers of the Executive Committee are as follows: President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Media Coordinator, Website Editor, Newsletter Editor, Event/Initiative Coordinator,
and SIGs and Postgraduate Awards Coordinator.
11. The tenure of any Officer shall be three years. An Officer shall be eligible for re-election to a second three year term. The appointment shall be renewable for a final third term, in exceptional circumstances. Members may serve for a maximum of 9 consecutive years. The 9
year period may be spent serving in different roles. A member who has served for 9 consecutive years shall not be eligible for re-election to the Committee until a further term has passed.
12. The Committee may co-opt members as appropriate, having regard to the particular expertise needed and a desire to adopt a fresh thinking approach.
13. A Publications Committee shall be organised as a  standing committee of IRAAL. The Executive Committee shall approve the nomination of the members of the Publications Committee. The Publications Committee shall co-ordinate the commissioning, editing, production, financing,
and distribution of IRAAL publications. A designated representative of the  Publications Committee will be co-opted to the Executive Committee and shall report regularly to it. The members of the Publications Committee shall be appointed on the basis of a minimum term of three years, which may be extended by the Executive Committee for a further three years. No person shall serve more than two such terms consecutively. 

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