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Below is an archive of event announcements from 2002-present. Event abstracts and slides can be downloaded using the blue buttons to the right of the descriptions.


November 25 – 26 IRAAL Annual Conference and AGM

Applying Linguistics in the 21st Century

16th of September
Digital Activism: challenges and opportunities for language learning, Dr Katerina Zourou

25th of February

6th of March
Book launch
Exploratory Action Research: Stories of Nepalese EFL Teachers


11th of December 2020
Corpus linguistics and natural language processing tools in text readability assessment, Dr Anna Bączkowska (University of Łódź, Poland)

27th of November 2020
IRAAL 2020 event

2nd of October
Research and teaching in Applied Linguistics: How we have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic
Dr Iker Erdocia (Dublin City University)

2nd of July
Language in a health crisis: navigating Covid-19 in a multilingual Ireland (webinar)
Dr John Walsh (NUI Galway); Dr Stanislava Antonijevic (NUI Galway); Dr Annie Asgard (Claddagh National School); Dr Cassie Smith-Christmas (NUI Galway)

11 June 2020
Monolingualism: epidemiology, natural history, treatment and prevention.
​Dr Thomas H Bak
University of Edinburgh

28 May 2020
​Language, Perceptions and Media: just what are teenagers in Dublin doing?
Dr Stephen Lucek, University College Dublin

6 April 2020
The IRAAL-SAALinBiH Tandem Initiative: First Webinar focusing on the exchange of experiences in language teaching and research.
Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, National University of Ireland Galway
Dr Alma Jahic Jasic and Dr Tanja Pavlovic, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 February 2020
Dr Teresa Lynn, Research Fellow at the ADAPT Research Centre in Dublin City University, Linguistics for Language Technology

10 February 2020
Dr Emma Riordan, University College Cork, Higher Education Language Educator Competences (HELECs): a national project for the continuing professional development of language educators in HE


12 December 2019​​
Dr Erika Piazzoli, Trinity College Dublin, Performative language teaching and process drama: Research, theory and practice.

20 March 2019
Dr John Walsh & Dr Stanislava Antonijević, NUI Galway, ​Multilingual Galway – Challenges and Opportunities

25 February 2019
Dr Marina Artese, Centro linguistico d’Ateneo (University Language Centre), Università di Bologna, Italy, The CEFR Companion Volume: an Action-oriented approach for intercultural identity in the second language classroom

24 January 2019
Dr Jennifer Martyn, School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies, DCU, The Interface of learner identity and language ideologies: The Case of foreign language learning at secondary school in Ireland


24 November 2018
IRAAL Annual Conference, Dublin City University
Applied Linguistics and Language Strategies: Practices and Policies

10 May 2018
Dr Carlotta Sparvoli, School of Asian Studies, UCC, Learned helplessness: the case of Chinese Syntax Acquisition

26 March 2018
Professor David Singleton ‘Multilingualism, multi-competence and (limits to) the interaction between language systems in the mind.’ (Special Lecture marking the conferring of AILA Lifetime Honorary Membership)

8 March 2018
Dr Keita Kikuchi, ‘What do we need to know about motivation and demotivation in language learning?’

1 February 2018
Professor Theresa Lillis, ‘Academic Literacies’: explorations of a transformative project.

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